Round Two – Documents, February 2009

The “Mind of Peace Experiment” – February 2009
Palestinian-Israeli Public Assembly
Agreement on Cease-Fire. Both sides are willing to turn away from the known path of bloodshed and struggle. Armed attacks on both sides will be stopped immediately. Despite years of mutual disbelief, we are willing to initiate a trust in each other’s peaceful intentions.Both sides recognize that the journey towards peaceful co-existence starts with a complete cessation of all acts of violence. Both sides will work together diligently towards preventing acts of violence committed by anyone.In light of the fundamental assumptions stated above (both sides can be trusted to fulfill their commitments.), the following will take place:Prisoners
All prisoners held without adequate evidence to charge or try them will be released without delay.War Crimes
If an impartial international committee determines that there are grounds to charge anyone with committing intentional war crimes, they will be remitted to their respective governments for trialSettlements
There will be an immediate cessation of all new building activities in all settlements in the occupied territories. Renegade settlements will be dismantled.Infrastructure
Israel and the international community will assist the Palestinians in building an infrastructure which includes, but is not limited to: Building a viable economy, improving the overall education system, allowing them to police themselves and having access to adequate medical care.

The checkpoints will be removed within an agreed period of time and plan by both sides to the agreement.

The steps listed above do not serve as goals in their own right, but rather as means to enable an agreed long-term solution, i.e. how to establish a framework of co-existence. The details of such a solution will be discussed by the teams in the next few meetings.