When developing important plans, it is often a good idea to think back to the beginning to see what progress has been made.  Viewing video from the very first Minds of Peace negotiating session at the University of Missouri St. Louis gives a sense of Dr. Handelman’s purpose and commitment.  He introduces the project by saying, “The consensus among analysts is that there is no new thing–everything has been tried and failed.  We believe at this table that this is not true.  We believe that this is nonsense….There is always a place for creative ideas, for new initiatives, especially in such a complicated situation.”  From that optimistic beginning we now have over dozens of rounds of successful negotiations, and we are looking forward to the next ones.
The agreements which published here are only a taste of what was achieved in every congress.


The next congress will be held on February 1st, and is open for the crowed.
More information will be published soon on our Facebook page.