Team – USA



Dr. Daniel Mahgerefteh


Daniel Mahgerefteh is President and co-founder of Minds of Peace. Daniel ‎coined the name ‘Minds of Peace’ and is the designer of the organization’s ‎LOGO, which signifies peace emerging from the middle of an assembly. Daniel ‎has also provided seed funding for the organization since its inception. ‎Daniel has successfully brought Israeli-Palestinian public negotiating ‎assemblies, called Minds of Peace Experiments, to highly divided Israeli-‎Palestinian communities in Los Angeles and Irvine, as well as in Beit Jala. ‎Before founding Minds of Peace, Daniel was the founder and CTO of Azna LLC, a ‎successful start-up in the telecommunications area in Boston, MA. Daniel ‎brings his experience in a fast paced, goal oriented technology company to the ‎ambitious undertaking of the social grass-roots organization; Minds of Peace. ‎Daniel has over 50 issued patents and numerous publications. Daniel has a ‎Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Southern California. ‎



Ronnie Y. Fredman


Ronnie Y. Fredman is the secretary, treasurer and co-founder of Minds of ‎Peace. Ronnie recruited the legal and accounting services to establish Minds ‎of Peace in 2009 and to obtain 501C3 non-profit status in 2009 and continues ‎to maintain rigorous accounting practice on the organization’s ‎finances. Ronnie was the founder of ‘Through A Child’s Eyes,’ a non-profit ‎organization that used discontinued furniture to generate charitable dollars ‎for disadvantaged children throughout the United States. Ronnie has served on ‎the boards of directors of Bais Abraham Congregation and Epstein Hebrew ‎Academy. He is formerly the Chairman of the development committee of Epstein ‎board. Ronnie is on the board of directors of Fredman Bros Furniture ‎Corporation, and the Executive Vice President of Glideaway. ‎ ‎


Member of the Board

Hannan Lis


Hannan Lis is member of the board of directors and a major contributor to Minds of Peace. He is the Principal and Chief Operating Officer of The WW Group, Inc., Weight Watcher’s largest franchise group. Hannan is also serving as Chairman HBR Labs LLC, Chairman, The Yoga Shelter International, Founder and President of Lis Ventures LLC, Chairman, Estrakon Corporation, and board member InfoAlly Corporation. Hannan has a long history of community activism and philanthropy both in Israel and in the United States. He is board member of Detroit Public Television, President of Detroit Region, American Technion Society, Vice Chairman, Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital Campaign, Member, American Jewish Committee National Board of Governors, Co-president, MOPAC, Board of Governors Member, Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit. Hannan has held leadership positions in a number of other non-profit organizations; serving as Midwest President, Jewish National Fund, Executive Committee Chairman, Jewish Community Centers of Metropolitan Detroit, President of Jewish Community Center of Metro Detroit, National Board Member and JNF National Board of Directors, among others.


Associate Partner

Mazen Badra


Mazen Badra is Associate Partner and principal Palestinian moderator of Minds ‎of Peace since its founding in 2009. Mazen has successfully moderated ‎Israeli-Palestinian public peace assemblies, called Minds of Peace ‎Experiments, in a number of bilateral divided communities in Saint Louis, ‎Irvine, Los Angeles, and Detroit, in the United States and in Windsor ‎Canada. In addition to moderating Minds of Peace Experiments, Mazen is ‎responsible for organizing the participating Palestinian negotiators from ‎expatriate communities, and training associate moderators. Mazen has been a ‎peace activist since 1988, promoting non-violence, and dialogue between ‎Palestinians and Israelis, first in Bethlehem, and later in expatriate ‎communities in the United States. Mazen is the co-founder of The Children of ‎Abraham, a non-profit organization dedicated to bring about understanding ‎between Israelis and Palestinians. Since 2002, Mazen has managed several ‎projects in World Bank, UN, etc. Mazen is a professor and Chair of Business ‎Administration and Health care Administration in Sanford-Brown college in ‎Fenton-Missouri.