MOP Peace Agreements


Minds of Peace

A small-scale Israeli-Palestinian public negotiating congress

July 12-13, 2012

Arab-Hebrew Theatre in Jaffa – Tel-Aviv, Israel

Agreement 2: Conclusive Peace Agreement

Borders: In principle the 1967 cease fire line is the border between the Israeli and Palestinian states. There is going to be border modifications and exchange of land. The details will be decided by an Israeli, Palestinian and international committee of experts.

Jerusalem: In principle West Jerusalem belongs to the Israelis while East Jerusalem belongs to the Palestinians.


1. Neighborhoods with majority of Jewish people will remain under Israeli sovereignty.

2. Israel will give the Palestinians the same amount of land in exchange.

3. The land exchange will be kept to the minimum.

4. A committee of Israeli, Palestinian and international experts will decide on the details of the land exchange.

5. If the committee will not reach a decision within half a year the topic will return to the negotiating table in Israeli-Palestinian congress.

The old city of Jerusalem

1. Entering the city from the Palestinian side will be under Palestinian control while entering the city from the Israeli side will be under Israeli control.

2. The municipality issues will be managed by Israeli, Palestinian and international committee.

3. An Israeli, Palestinian and international special security force will be responsible for maintaining law and order in the city.

4. The holy places will be administrated by representatives of the relevant religion.

5. The old city will have a special international status.

6. An Israeli, Palestinian and international committee will work to implement the agreement.

Connection between Gaza and the West Bank

1. Gaza and the West Bank will be connected by a safe passage. It could be a corridor or a bridge according to recommendations of an Israeli, Palestinian and international committee. The committee will look for resources to finance the passage.

2. Palestinian will control the free passage.

3. Israel will control the area above and beneath the passage.

4. The Palestinians will build a village of peace on a territory that equal to the amount of the passage's territory.

Future topics

The assembly did not have the time to discuss: security, peacekeeping issues, refugees and prisoners. The two delegations agree that there is not going to be peace until these issues going to be resolved. They wish to meet within half a year to conclude these issues.

Israeli Delegation                                                     Palestinian Delegation