MOP Peace Agreements


The Mind of Peace Experiment

A small-scale Israeli-Palestinian public negotiating congress

February 24-5, 2012

ZOA House - Tel-Aviv


Agreement 1: Trust Building Measures


Recognition - The two delegations agree that Israelis and Palestinians have the right to live in peace, security, and independence.


Peace education - The two sides will stop any incitement against each other. They will work to promote the culture of peace in the two societies.


Freedom of movement

Major checkpoints within the West Bank will be removed immediately according to a joint decision by the Israeli and Palestinian security forces.

The rest of the checkpoints will be removed according to the progress in the negotiations and security considerations. The goal is to reach a final peace agreement within half a year.

During the interim period the remaining checkpoints will be monitored jointly by Israelis and Palestinians.

The Palestinians will take responsibility on the evacuated area. The Israeli security forces will not enter the evacuated area without coordination with the Palestinian authorities. The Palestinian security forces will prevent any attacks on Israelis and Israeli security forces will prevent any attacks on the Palestinians.

In case of a violent episode, the two sides will condemn the event. The security forces of the two sides will bring the offenders to justice.


Settlements - During the negotiations, expected to end within five months, Israel will freeze any building activities in settlements within the West Bank, except for humanitarian needs.



Israeli delegation                                                                                            Palestinian delegation