MOP Peace Agreements

Israeli - Palestinian public negotiations
HAMASHBIR plaza in Jerusalem 22-23.8.13



Confidence-building steps

1. The Israeli Delegation and the Palestinian delegation condemn the massacre

of civilians in Syria

2. The Solution to the conflict will be the two states solution: the state of Israel

and the State of Palestine.

3. Settlements - during the time of negotiation, which will last no more than a

year, new settlements will not be build and there will be no expansion of

existing settlements A joint committee will solve problems between the

Israeli settlements and in Palestinian communities.

4. cease of violence - Israelis will prevent attacks on Palestinians and

Palestinians will prevent attacks on Israelis

1. Prisoners -

a. Israel commits to a gradual release of prisoners that are

related to the conflict (not criminal prisoners), based on the

progress of negotiations.

b. A joint committee will decide which prisoners will be released

and when.

c. Released prisoners will commit not to return to violence or

engage in incitement against the other side



The Israeli delegation                                  The Palestinian Delegation