MOP Peace Agreements

Minds of Peace

A small-scale Israeli-Palestinian public negotiating congress

July 12-13, 2012

Arab-Hebrew Theatre in Jaffa - Tel-Aviv, Israel


Agreement 1: Trust Building Measures


Solution - The solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is 'Two States Solution' - an independent Israeli state and an independent Palestinian state - based on international legitimate resolutions.

Violence - Israelis and Palestinians condemn any act of violence including incitement.

Settlements - Israel will freeze any building activities in settlements within the West Bank

Water - Israelis and Palestinians will establish a joint committee to find solutions for Palestinians needs for water.

People-to-people interactions - Israelis and Palestinians encourage any form of people-to-people interactions - including business enterprises, dialogue groups and educational projects - that promotes peace. The two sides will publicly declare about their intentions to enter negotiations to end the conflict. The goal is to reach a conclusive peace agreement within 24 months.

Bodies transferred - Palestinian bodies in Israel will be transferred to the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.




Israeli delegation                                                                                            Palestinian delegation