Youth congress – Documents, 18/10/18


Minds Of Peace

Youth congress, Ironi Daled high school, Tel-Aviv

trust building measures:


  1. Israel will stop checking random ID’s.
  2. No discrimination between people with Israeli citizenship.
  3. Spreading the information about the palestinian situation.
  4. Giving Gaza water, electricity and food. In return, Gaza will promise that in five years they will have a new political leadership other than Hamas.
  5. Sentencing Israeli soldiers who killed palestinians for no reason.
  6. Fair sentence for Palestinians who are suspected of crimes. Innocent until proven guilty. Fair treatment for prisoners.
  7. A joined educational system that will be taught in all school, Israeli and Palestinians, and that is peace oriented.
  8. Stop building new settlements. Also giving the Palestinians who once owend  their land the right to get it back – BUT Israelis will not be forced to leave. Israel will pay them rent for it until the people leave on their on.

HAR HABAIT – will be an international zone controlled by the united nations and highly supervised. You come, you pray, you leave.