The adult negotiating table, July 21, 2017, Hakfa Hayarok


First Agreement – Trust Building Measures

  1. Stopping violence:
  • Israelis are committed to prevent attacks on Palestinians and Palestinians are committed to prevent attacks on Israelis
  • Both sides are committed to prevent incitement against each other.
  1. Freedom of movement:
  • A joint Israeli-Palestinian committee will examine options to facilitate the passage of Palestinians into Israel and the passage of Israelis into the West Bank. The committee will include international observers.
  • Israeli and Palestinian citizens will observe the checkpoints in order to report on inappropriate behavior of soldiers towards Palestinians.
  1. Settlements:
  • Freeze on settlements construction in the West Bank during the negotiations.
  • The negotiations will last one year.  
  1. Improving Palestinian economy:
  • Israelis will increase the number of permits for Palestinians to work in Israel.
  • Israel and the international community will invest in Palestinian economic infrastructure.
  • Export Palestinian goods to Jordan will not be regulated by Israel. Export Palestinian goods through Israeli ports will be regulated by Israel only for security reasons.