First agreement – December, 2012

A small-scale Israeli-Palestinian public negotiating congress

December 28-29, 2012

Habima Square– Tel-Aviv, Israel


Agreement 1: Trust Building Measures

    1. Recognition: Israelis and Palestinians have the right to live in peace, security and dignity on this land.  
  • The “Fence”:
  1. The fence is not a border.
  2. Israel and the Palestinian authority will ease the passage of Israelis and Palestinians through the gates.
  3. The gates will be monitored by both Israelis and Palestinians.
  4. Meetings: the two sides are committed to encourage meetings between Israelis and Palestinians.
  5. Prisoners: This section refers to prisoners of the conflict (not criminal prisoners):
  1. All prisoners arrested before the Oslo period – to be released immediately.
  2. All women, children and sick people – to be released immediately.
  3. The rest of the prisoners will be released gradually according to the progress in the negotiations.
  4. The intention is to release all prisoners by the end of the negotiations.
  5. Each prisoner has to pledge to avoid violence.
  1. Peace education:
  1. Both sides are committed to educate for peace and tolerance.
  2. Both sides are committed to prevent incitement against each other.
  3. Israeli children will learn Arabic, Palestinian tradition and culture. Palestinian children will learn Hebrew, Jewish tradition and culture.
  1. Democracy and human rights – Both sides are committed to Democracy, constitution of human rights and to act against anyone promoting violence.
  2. Freeze in the territories
  1. During the negotiations there is not going to be any change in the situation: such as new building, or increasing the military force.   
  1. Stopping physical violence – Israelis are committed to prevent attacks on Palestinians and Palestinians are committed to prevent attacks on Israelis.
  2. Negotiations:
  1. The two sides are committed to do the maximum efforts to conclude peace agreements, which put an end to the conflict, within one year.
  2. Each negotiating team should include female representatives.