East Jerusalem – September, 2011

The Mind of Peace Experiment
A small-scale Israeli-Palestinian public negotiating congress
September 23-4, 2011
Austrian Hospice – East Jerusalem


Agreement 1: Trust Building Measures

1. The two delegations will enter extensive negotiations on conclusive peace agreement immediately and without pre conditions.
2. The two sides will do the maximum efforts to conclude a peace agreement that puts an end to the conflict as soon as possible. The two delegations commit that the negotiations will last no more than 1.5 years.
3. The two delegations denounce any use of violence to progress political objectives and will prevent any attack on each other.
4. In case if violent episodes during the negotiations:
a. Negotiations will go on;
b. The two sides will jointly condemn the episode;
c. The two sides will offer condolences to those who have been hurt or left bereaved by the violent episode;
d. The two sides will do the maximum effort to find and persecute the offenders. Palestinians will be responsible to persecute and punish Palestinian offenders; Israelis will be responsible to persecute and punish Israeli offenders.
5. As a trust building measure, the Israelis will stop expanding settlements in the disputed territories east of the 1967 ceasefire lines for as long as negotiations take place. The two delegations agree that the future of the settlements will take high priority in negotiations. The Israeli delegation commit to leave the infrastructure for the Palestinians in any settlement that is evacuated as part of a final status agreement.

Israeli delegation Palestinian delegation