Beit Jalla – Document, August 2009

Minds of Peace Experiment
August 28-29, 2009
Everest Hotel, Beit Jalla \ Bethlehem
Part I
“Everest Vision” – Trust building measures
1. Mutual recognition of both people’s right to establish a state of their own.
2. Gradual Checkpoint removal: first step- removal of checkpoints between Palestinian cities and villages.
3. Between the two states there will be placed border control points which will be operated by both Israeli and Palestinians.
4. Both sides will stop incitement in religious places, media, schools and condemn all violent acts (both physical and verbal) against each other.
5. Israeli- Palestinian mutual community activities on an on-going bases (educational, cultural)
6. Palestinians will build state institutions and law enforcement force. Until this happens Israel will help guarantee security for both sides. Next step- Israel and Palestinians will ensure security for both sides.
7. Both sides will have the ability to enter both states for purposes of commerce, tourism and cultural exchange.Part II – AgendaJerusalem
Jerusalem will be divided to 3 territories: West Jerusalem to Israel. East Jerusalem to Palestine, Holly Places under mutual control.Borders
1. Territories that passed to Israeli control after 1967 in the West Bank and Gaza will be transferred to Palestinian control except for Jerusalem on which we have a separate agreement.
2. Israeli Settlements within the Palestinian territories will be evacuated.
3. Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories that are close to the border will be negotiated.
4. In return Palestinians will be given territories in the same size close to the Palestinian borders.RefugeesRefugees will have the right and permit to go back and settle in Palestine. Also they will be given the permit to visit their homeland if they wish. Israel will take part in the international effort to help the refugees integrate in Palestine.