Beit Jalla, April, 2011

A joint commitment to the cessation of violent acts and working towards mutual safety and security
The check points will be dismantled gradually during the course of four months (and be completed by Ramadan)
The Palestinians will determine their priorities of the order of the removal of the check points.
At the remaining check points during the 4 months, the Israeli authorities will show leniency, especially to people in need of medical help.
The Palestinian Authority will take responsibility for security in the areas of the dismantled check points and prevent any hostile activity against Israeli citizens. The Israeli Army will take responsibility for security and prevent any hostile activity against Palestinians.
In the event of a hostile action taken against Israeli citizens, the Palestinian Authority is committed to condemn the action, to make every attempt to find those responsible for the action and to prosecute them in a court of justice. In the same manner, the Israelis are committed to condemn any hostile actions taken against Palestinians and to make every attempt to find those responsible and to prosecute in a court of justice.
The suggested solution to the “conflict” is the establishment of two independent states, side by side—the State of Israel and the State of Palestine—two states for two people.
All women and minors who are prisoners will be immediately released and will be transferred to the Palestinian Authority. If any of them are deemed to be a threat to the peace process, the Palestinian Authority will be responsible to deal with them.
The Palestinian Authority will officially request the release of Gilad Shalit and will support a renewed connection with his family.
The Israeli and the Palestinian delegation commits to developing practical programs which will foster “Education for Peace” between the two peoples. Both sides agree on educational autonomy in each region, and cessation of
incitement without interfering in each other’s curriculums.
Cessation of Settlements: The Israeli delegation agrees to stop all building in the Jewish settlements for two years in order to begin negotiations. If, within the two years, a peace accord is not reached, then the settlement issue will return to the negotiation table.